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Our skills training is the pivot of Extra Hours. This is the first step to taking your game to the next level. Most coaches do not have the time to focus on their players individually so it is important to put in the extra work outside of team practices. We put a strong emphasis on core fundamentals while ensuring no steps are skipped. Our program is structured per individual based on skill level, position, and current team situation without placing any limitation - all while incorporating a better understanding of the game.


Aside from working hard and putting the extra hours in the gym, the mental aspect of the game is just as important. Extra Hours Player Development program is centered around the player's well-being and state of mind. We strive to educate and instill a better work ethic, upholding a certain sense of professionalism, coach and player communication, and for our student-athletes, better self-awareness in the classroom. Our goal is for our players to reach the level of maturity needed to take their game to the next level. 

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Jordan Adams

"Session was real tough. I'm in the gym everyday and the workout had me gassed. Got up about 300 shots in an hour. Main thing I needed work on was my pick and roll situations. All the drills simulated game-like and game-speed actions. Also included spot shooting and shooting off screens. Will surely be working with Vaughn again. Just starting off and definitely knows what he's doing."

- Jordan Adams. William Jessup University.

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